July 14, 2016

Mobile App


Have you ever wished that your office phone could go wherever you go…that you no longer had to be restricted to your office chair?  WISH NO MORE!

CrossPath Telecom Network® has partnered with an industry leading softphone enterprise whose platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your CrossPath phone system.  The CrossPath Mobile App will transform any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC into a virtual office extension of your CrossPath phone system – allowing your office phone to be virtually anywhere, at any time!

How does it work?

Simple – there are only 2 steps

  1. Contact CrossPath Telecom Network® to order the Mobile App.
  2. Download the app from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC and sign-in.

That’s it!  Your device has now become a virtual extension of your CrossPath telephone system.

Enjoy these great features!

  • Operable with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC
  • Make and receive business calls over cellular and Wi-Fi networks
  • Swap between two calls
  • Merge calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Intuitive mobile user interface
  • Access existing mobile contact list

Contact us today to add our Mobile App to your CrossPath phone system.