November 15, 2017

Business-Class Texting

CrossPath texting for business

Did you know? – Customers are texting your business!

It’s true, even without a company platform to communicate via text messaging – active and potential customers are constantly texting your business with inquiries.  It’s no surprise, text messaging has exploded over the last decade.  Likewise, more and more businesses are capitalizing on this opportunity.  If your business lacks the ability to easily communicate with customers through SMS text messaging – CrossPath has the solution!  Introducing: CrossPath Telecom Network® Business-Class Texting.

With CrossPath’s advanced SMS texting service, your business now has the ability to communicate with customers through an easy-to-use online SMS center.  The CrossPath SMS Center will allow you to fully manage your business text messaging campaigns – through individualized messages, or through group messages. Plus, the CrossPath Telecom Network® Business-Class Texting will both send and receive your messages from your actual publicized telephone number, not a random 5 or 6-digit number!

Additional Features:

Lightning Fast!

CrossPath has integrated the SMS Center within the new CrossPath customer portal v2.0, which is now LIVE!  Version 2.0 is 100x faster than v1.0, giving you instant access without lag.


When you log into the SMS Center, the dashboard will display an overall view of your current SMS operations.

Global Inbox

View and read all messages that are received from any of your telephone numbers. Reply, Delete, and Forward messages.

Contact Database

Store individual contacts within the SMS Center.  Contacts can be used to send messages and identify the sender of messages received.  You can also attach CRM account numbers for your contacts within the database.

Mass Messaging

Create custom SMS contact groups for sending mass messages to multiple contacts.  The message will be sent to each contact within the group as an individual message.


View your complete text message history, including usage and costs.


All operations within the SMS Center are logged for compliance auditing.


All text communications to and from customers can be tracked in detail.


CrossPath: Business-Class Texting packages are tiered based on message volume.

For pricing and to learn more, contact CrossPath today!