September 8, 2017

Cloud Managed

CrossPath Telecom Network® is a unique VoIP telephone service provider.  With our global capacity and individualized customization, CrossPath’s VoIP Network has revolutionized the business telecommunications market.  No longer does your business have to work around your telephone system. Instead, CrossPath’s VoIP telephone systems are specifically designed to work around your business.

CrossPath operates a cloud-managed telephone network that is vastly different from standard telephone service providers.  We do not sell physical phone lines or traditional telephone services.  In other words, we are not a traditional phone company.

The CrossPath cloud-managed PBX (phone system) is all inclusive and fully customized – with completely flexibility to grow and modify alongside your business.  In a nutshell, your entire telecom environment will be outsourced and managed by CrossPath – all equipment, service, support, configurations, and features.  Outsourcing will allow your business to focus on what’s most important – your business!  All equipment is owned and maintained by CrossPath with 8-5 Next Business Day replacement and 24/7/365 technical support.

CrossPath’s PBX Cloud Network includes: 

  • Cloud Based Phone System
  • VoIP Handsets and Equipment
  • VoIP Carrier Service
  • 8-5 Next Business Day Replacement Warranty
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • A-la-carte Features
  • Custom Configurations
  • On-going Support of all Equipment & Service

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