May 24, 2016

About Us

CrossPath Telecom Network® is a unique VoIP telephone service provider.  With our global capacity and individualized customization, CrossPath’s VoIP Network has revolutionized the business telecommunications market.  No longer must your business be forced to work around your telephone system. Instead, our system will be designed to work around your business processes, enhancing both your internal and external communications. Whether your company is in need of a new VoIP telephone system or searching for a more reliable customer focused telephone service provider – CrossPath is your answer.

CrossPath operates a cloud-based network that is vastly different from standard telephone service providers.  We do not sell physical phone lines or traditional telephone services.  In other words, we are not a traditional phone company.  Our service is a cloud-based PBX (phone system) that is all inclusive and fully customized to fit your business environment.  With our service model, your business will not be paying thousands of dollars for an on-premise phone system that will become antiquated within only a few years.  Instead, CrossPath owns and maintains all the telecom and network equipment, leaving you with 0% liability and allowing your phone system to grow and modify as your business grows and modifies.

CrossPath’s PBX Cloud Network includes: 

  • The Cloud-Based Phone System
  • Back-end Carrier Service
  • Fax Machine Gateways
  • A-la-carte Customization
  • Ongoing Support and Service
  • Complete Flexibility

Satisfied with your current phone system?  No problem!

CrossPath’s PBX Cloud Network can provide telephone service to your existing handsets and telephone system, and can even save your business up to 30% off your current telephone bill.

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CrossPath Telecom Network® is a division of NetGreene Solutions, LLC.

Who is NetGreene Solutions?

NetGreene Solutions is an innovative I.T. services and engineering company with a specific focus – to deliver the best I.T. services the market demands and deserves. Not only does NetGreene offer traditional I.T. services (I.T. Consulting, I.T. Staffing, Network Installations, Etc…), but also VoIP services, Fully Managed Cloud Services, and I.T. Integration Services that are unique to NetGreene Solutions. We are confident that NetGreene has a service offering that will meet your I.T. and/or Telecom needs.  Click HERE to visit NetGreene.

“At NetGreene, we strive to build the best team of I.T. professionals possible.  We have specialists that cover all parts of the I.T. spectrum who have spent time working in companies of all sizes – small to large.  We at NetGreene seek to build partnerships with our customers.  These partnerships increase successful outcomes and our customers’ satisfaction. NetGreene customers find that they are never out-of-the-loop when it comes to their technology environment. Our hope is that you will give us the opportunity to serve your business.  My promise is that NetGreene will provide you and your company the best possible I.T. and Telecom services available on the market today.”

– Scott Greene, CEO